Trained Cattle Dogs For SaleAny Age Up to 8 weeks Up to 12 weeks Up to 16 weeks Older than 16 weeks. Pups were born March 20th so will be ready mid May. We asked Ann how she came to breed Border Collies. Exposed dogs leave at 5 months of age. These working dogs have plenty of energy and love to run. Akc blk english lab pups 8wks old 3 females 2 males utd on shots,dewormed health gaurenteed, full open registration, crate trained,75% house trained…. Remember that they are great herding dogs. Male NZ Collie-good cattle head bite, lots of go. An Australian Cattle Dog’s coat is short, smooth, and water-resistant. I raise and train dogs to be useful partners both on the farm or on the trial field. If you are unable to find your Australian Cattle Dog puppy in our Puppy for Sale or Dog for Sale sections, please consider looking thru thousands of Australian Cattle Dog Dogs for Adoption. PLEASE only take dog-friendly or highly controlled dogs…. Cow dogs for sale in Mississippi. Down: Start palm-out at shoulder and moves down towards floor ending palm-down. Livestock Guardian Dog Rescue in Australia. an in-depth health screening and are fully vetted. As with farm dogs, if the horse’s work use …. We are NOT a breeding facility: we breed our dogs occasionally, mostly if dogs have been pre-ordered (puppies or started dogs). Border Collie Cowdogs Satus Stockdogs. German Shepherds are an excellent choice for owners looking for obedience, protection, agility, article retrieval and scent tracking. 5 Male, Mountain Cur/Laika mix pups! Mountain Curs are a standard in coon and squirrel dog hunting but Laikas have been around about 15 years, and have become favorite tree dogs to many avid hunters. Started and Trained Dogs For Sale. Our number one goal is to produce the quality cowdog that the cattle industry demands and a training program geared to fit cattle producers both large and small. They are easily trained, love to play, and make fine watchdog and protection dogs…. Livestock Protection Dogs: Selection, Care and Training…. Alastair Robinson Colchester Essex. Australian Cattle Dogs and Australian Kelpies. As adults they support one another in guarding and nurturing and you’ll find that two dogs working together offers much more than twice the protection of two single dogs. Resource Of Training for Real Working Cowdogs, Livestock Dogs. We continually import and train new dogs, so we might have more fully trained protection dogs for sale …. Purebred border collies puppies for sale. She loves people and doesn't meet a stranger. Libra will not be old enough or ready to adopt until May. *He definitely chases and herds the bigger dogs, but is gentle with the smaller ones. A note about our program: The dogs at Outline are proven workers. For over 30,000 years humans have kept dogs for companionship and protection. E-Mail: [email protected] Lakota Australian Cattle Dogs, located in Redmond Oregon. The Karakachan Dog is one of Europe’s oldest breeds. We also offer camels, horses & other animals for sale. This hybrid sports the signature long fur of the Australian Cattle Dog…. 2 red females - 1 stumpy tail 1 long tail , 1 red male with stumpy tail, 3 blue males with stumpy tails and 2 blue females with long tails. A shock collar can be a cheaper alternative to a professional dog trainer or fence. Jan 7, 2020 - Explore RanchWorldAds. Tesla (known as Tes) was born on October 3rd 2015. -He is great with the other dogs, but you can see the Cattle dig personality while playing. 5 bitches and 3 dogs available. Mountain State Heelers is located in Morgantown, West Virginia. 46 Working Dogs for sale · Cattle Dog Pups · RED KELPIE PUPS · Blue Kelpie Pup · Huntaway cross pups · TENTERFIELD TERRIERS · Black / Tan Kelpie pups · KELPIE PUPS. If your dog circles the birds in the correct direction, praise, say "yes" or "good". If you do not have livestock or are just wanting a family dog …. These dogs are tough, athletic, and have incredible endurance. These dogs are independent and steady, making them well-suited for livestock-guarding work. Working cattle dogs, working cattle dogs for sale, prospects for sale, trained Kelpies, ranch dogs, trial dogs…. Our dogs are moderate in height and weight, athletically built, structurally sound, biddable, and have a strong working instinct at a young age. The Breeding Code applies to everyone involved in the business of breeding dogs and cats. Below are links to videos of Duke enjoying some family time. Pets (345) Puppies and Dogs For Sale (334) Kittens and Cats For Sale …. He is beautiful and friendly, but also alert and bold when working. 43 Listing(s) found for Livestock / Poultry / Pets, Dogs for Sale …. We also conduct working dog training schools and lessons year . I try to keep this as updated as possible, but feel free to contact us about the actual availability of any of our started/trained dogs. Free Help With Purchase - If you buy a dog from Charlie Trayer, whether it is trained, started, or a pup you will be granted as much help learning to handle and use your dog …. The Labrador parent can trace a proud heritage back to the 1600s in Canada. Type – loss of type means loss of movement/soundness and working ability. Do you want to get a Red Heeler? Watch this video and learn everything about the red version of the australian cattle dog. Explore 99 listings for Kelpie working dogs for sale at best prices. Farmers created the breed by crossing the dingo – a native, wild dog …. 5 responses to "Started young sheepdogs and cattle dogs for sale" Louise says: 24th July 2018 at 8:02 pm. Preferable a border collie, catahuola or an australian shepherd. These behaviors are not aggressive, however. Courageous and assertive: Bred to take on the toughest cattle, this scrappy breed is brave and tough enough to handle whatever life throws at it. Our Sire KSS MC B CHIEF is $1,200. com, I have everything that I need. The breed as we know them today is the culmination of much experimentation to create the ideal dog for herding fractious beef cattle …. Ruidoso Malinois is committed to the breeding, raising and training of exceptional Belgian Malinois. He believed Possum would join the Gelven breeding program and be a back-up sheep and goat dog. You will find animals available for adoption that are medically and behaviourally sound, are perfectly healthy and sociable, and are simply waiting for a new home and a loving family. Customers often bring back pups at a year old to be trained…. AgTrade has 47 Working Dogs available for sale. It's not uncommon for this loyal herding canine to be your best buddy for up to 16 years. Both dam and sire tested normal/clear on PRA, Pets . “The way you handle your dog directly impacts how the cattle respond. 5 inches, the Cardi is full of love, courage, and intelligence. Search for Cattle on Sale Submit new listing. I have been breeding working stock dogs for over 18 years and have owned and worked both Australian Shepherds and Border …. Hobbs said horses qualify for Code Section 179 deductions if their business use is more than 50 percent. These dogs are also noted for being easy to train and learning commands quickly. They are NOT sheepdogs until they have been trained to WORK sheep or other livestock. And just like an insurance policy, dogs …. Some of the major health concerns include progressive retinal atrophy …. Sadly, the Australian Cattle Dog Lab mix is one such hybrid. We breed only quality health tested australian cattle dogs, adhering to the ACDCA's code of ethics and the breed standard. We believe in breeding good quality, health tested cattle dogs with good conformation and temperament. Giant Schnauzer Protection Dogs For Sale: See below currently available Germany Import Giant Schnauzer Puppies and Trained Adults For Sale. Training your Great Pyrenees Puppy to be a Livestock Guardian. We’ve produced various high-performance dogs for our own purposes for decades. What are the first steps in getting a stock dog ready for training? What is the difference between a stock dog that works cattle and a stock dog that …. Any trained dog you purchase from me will be spayed/neutered, microchipped and current on all vaccinations. We offer Blue and Red speckled as well as the . This advert is located in and around. Farmers Journal Farming Classifieds make it easy for you to buy and sell farm equipment, livestock, farm machinery, and more! search. Kangal Dog for sale in United States. More Australian Labradoodle Puppies / Dog …. Despite our best efforts, some dogs do not work out as guardians. We have several started dogs for sale. ” We are continuing to train dogs over the winter, and have several started dogs and puppies available for sale. These are medium and smaller sized Kelpies that show eye and style and are calmer dogs on stock. Anatolian Shepherds have been used as guardians for a wide range of hoofstock and birds, including (but not limited to) sheep, goats, horses, cattle…. "Venus is definitely tenacious. They're friendly by nature but also very stubborn. Buy & Sell pets & supplies and preloved items on Malaysia's largest marketplace! Entire Malaysia. Professional advice is always recommended. Bushbug`S Australian Cattledog Susanne Blomqvist Kumla N Rke. The Blue Heeler Dog, also known as Australian Cattle Dog, never fails to impress with their blue markings, intellect, and sturdiness. Perfect for spring time potty training…. Allie the Pit Heeler at 2 years old—"She is an excellent friend!" Vega the Queensland Heeler / Pit Bull mix (Pit Heeler) as a puppy at 5 …. Troy was Reserve Nursery Champion at the 2013 USBCHA National Cattle …. He doesn't back down, but will also be gentle when the situation requires. Our small dog rehoming service helps small dogs find amazing new families – and small dog lovers find the perfect tiny pooch. Free Help With Purchase - If you buy a dog from Charlie Trayer, whether it is trained, started, or a pup you will be granted as much help learning to handle and use your dog as you want at no cost, excluding clinics. Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Puppies /. Cash is working well on cattle. Their coat colors are red, blue, and blue-speckled. Get Clean With Our Goat Milk Soap | Learn More About the Spanish Goat (254) 289-5431: Visits Welcome, Call For Appointment. This is a place you can come to find tough border collie cattle dogs puppies and started dogs for sale. Shop the finest selection of trained working cattle dogs for sale, 53% Discount Last 3 Days, best guinea pig cage for 3,puppy training school near me . Trained puppies are available from 16 weeks old and trained adults are available from 12 months old. Dogs should be raised with livestock so that they will bond with the stock, not human handlers. Livestock guardian dogs stay with the group of animals they protect as a full-time member of the flock or herd. The Australian Red Heeler dog typically weighs 35 to 50 pounds and stands 17 to 20 inches tall. We offer them for sale to individuals who understand the breed and . She's easy to handle, biddable, not alot of eye, and easy to correct. pygmy marmoset Capuchin monkeys for sale to any pet loving and caring home no matter where ever they might be. Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) - Zorro - Medium - Adult Zorro is around 2 years old, a blue heeler mix from a Pets and Animals Bradenton 250 $. A sheepdog trial in which entry is open to any competitor and dog – will include outrun, lift, fetch, drive, shed, pen and sometimes a single. We have 2 Merle Puppies at $2500 both Boys 1 boy tan, with light tan points $1000 4 Tan Girls with white and tan markings $1100 They are absolutely beautiful puppies. He has been with rams and wethers. Our farm is nestled in the Tawatinaw Valley along the last original stretch of the historic Athabasca Landing Trail, just an hour and a half north of Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Also the trainer should be a certified dog trainer, having at least 5 to 6 years of experience. Breeders select dogs with strong backs, endurance, and loyal dispositions and train them for riding and combat before sale. This breed is a favourite amongst UK dog lovers, being developed around the Anglo-Scottish border. We raise Black Spanish and Nubian purebred goats and guardian dogs for sale. Wellingborough | 2nd May 2022 (1 day ago) | Dogs For Sale by Klaudia. However free Australian Cattle Dogs …. Place an offer or receive a quote online. To search for particular dogs and shelters, select your search criteria from the blue search panel and click "Search". If you will be using your dog for herding, you should also consider their name in light of their purpose. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. All puppies from Canine Corral are eligible for our boarding and grooming programs. 95 Ideal for trimming horses, goats, llamas, ponies, cattle, large dogs with thick coats, and other livestock…. Advertisement - story continues below. Focused mainly on cattle dogs but welcome other breeds of working dogs as well. They need lots of room and typically take at least two years to train. He is a Maremma, Spanish Mastiff, Polish Tatra, and Central Asian Shepherd cross. Dick Russell, a dog trainer near Baton Rouge, La. Cats & Kittens For Sale in UK - 47 Pets & Livestock. His ideal confirmation embodies the kelpie breed. **Burkes' Buster earned the coveted award, IRON DOG, of the Permian Basin Fair We will provide information on Stockdogs in general: offer dogs and puppies for sale, offer training …. We truly strive to produce horses that can be used for just about anything you need them for. Checks trees by scent and sight. The herding group includes some of the country's most popular dog …. 509-760-6525 Moses Lake Read More. These lovely little pups will be ready for their new homes in May, raised in the home with children, other dogs …. Her sire is our stud dog, Ezra, and her dam is a working sheepdog […]. Iris is one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful, female Malinois we have ever seen. Trained on goats, started on cattle. We raise registered Border Collies bred to work cattle. San Diego, Ca 92109 SHOP OUR AVAILABLE DOGS. Australian Koolie Puppies for sale. And for Australian cattle dogs which are commonly known as Blue heelers, have an active personality and are energetic that will make you smile while with them. Our trial welcomes dogs and their handlers from across the West. 95 Ideal for trimming horses, goats, llamas, ponies, cattle, large dogs with thick coats, and other livestock. cattle dogs australian cattle dogs cattledogs aussie cattle dog dog cattle austrailian cattle dogs club tonka beautiful cowgirls Pages: 1 2 3 …. Home About Services Results Reviews Service Areas Contact 866-582-DOGS …. Search for: Search near: Found 115 listings Order by: Date Title Total number of heads Price 12 x Suiwer …. "I lost my mind at $23,000," Clausen said. Violet is a sweet girl who is hoping and wishing …. Pinky was a strong, hard-hitting girl on cattle. Meet Bart this weekend at our shelter at 3301 Park Drive in KCK! Bart is an adorable 4 year old Cattle Dog …. Hoover said he starts training his puppies young. Working Larry & Marilyn Painter of Kuawarri Kennels will be hosting 2 "Cow Camp" Training Clinics in April (7-11, 21-25) at their facility near Over the last 20 years we have sold working dogs …. Bull for sale (Norfolk) Young bulls for sale (Ardbhan fold) More cattle, semen and embryos for sale and wanted. They are producing cattle working Border Collies with eye, balance, mental toughness, obedience and power. Australian Cattle Dog · Madison, WI. We had an amazing sale The top price dog …. The Hangin’ Tree Cowdog breed was developed as a mix of Catahoula Leopard dog, Border Collie and Australian Kelpie. His sire is a littermate to the #3 female in the country, Kudzu. Legislation relating to the sale of electronic collars on livestock in Victoria. We have a litter of 8 (was 9 - one already sold) happy and healthy Huntaway X Welsh Collie pups for sale. He is bred for great endurance and the ability to work long hours in the heat, rough terrain and keep under control the most cantankerous of bulls and cows. Jerry’s training method is great for all breeds of dogs and all types of handlers. Dogs are some of the most beloved pets for us to have around. Great finds are hard to come by, but with australiancattledogbooks. We offer a 5 year health guarantee on all pups! Our Aussies are proven working dogs that help us with our chores everyday. It’s a resilient dog that can herd cattle …. Blue Yonder Kennel of Johnson City TN are caring and professional dog breeders of Australian Cattle Dogs. Male NZ/American Collie-tri-colored, clever, easy to train, easy to handle. In 1970 we purchased our dairy. Pea the Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog at 2 years old from South Australia—"Pea is quite wild. Kangal Dogs have a distinctive black mask and fawn body color. Like most dogs bred for cattle herding, the Blue Heeler doesn't do well in apartment dwellings and likely isn't a good fit for first time dog owners. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. Throughout history dogs, and German Shepherds specifically, have been used to protect & guard homes, families & livestock. Our Registered Border collie pups start at $800. She has competed with her dogs on sheep and cattle. We compete at AQHA, APHA, and Ranch Horse events. She has no back down! The tougher the cattle, the more she shines. This sturdy, compact breed has a penchant for herding and thrives off of …. Cattle Dogs at a glance are a medium size dog who are bred for mustering cattle, they are known for being good guard dogs and are protective of their families. Puppies for sale : Karmala - Australian Working Kelpie Stud. The goals of the feeder cattle program are to produce fed cattle that market in the top 25% in the nation, hot carcass weight averages of 885 pounds, …. Black panther cubs come from a race of big wild cats. It is a Hangin' Tree Cowdog, raised and trained by Charlie Trayer. Middlesex County, Kendall Park, NJ, NJ ID: 35981 389791. As puppies they will seek out each other for roughhousing over chasing or playing with your livestock. I would love to talk with you about my puppies and dogs. Working Border Collies For Sale SOLD ABCA 1 1/2 year old female Border Collie for sale. She is desexed with all shots up to date and is a small/medium dog, much smaller than our other cattle …. Click here for more information on our dogs & puppies. Popular Now Distance Newest first Quantity. Miniature Poodle KymH Dalby , QLD 13 minutes ago Quality toy cavoodle pups …. We provide herding clinics and training for all herding breeds as well as guardian dog training for puppies no older than 3 months (all guardian breeds). Shih Tzu's can live to be 15-18 yrs old, so buying an adult around 2-5 years old is still very young and they have a very long life yet to live. However, this dog doesn’t need regular exercise which is an added bonus. Demonstrations always available, cattle & sheep on hand at all time. Australian Kelpies are great farm dogs and are extremely energetic. that specialize in exceptional cattle & sheep, good broke horses, and perhaps most importantly, STRONG WORKING BORDER COLLIES! Our dogs, horses and cattle are our life and passion. Geri Byrne has been part of a family cattle ranching operation on the California-Oregon border and has raised Border Collies since 1978. Search both national and local ads of puppies & dog breeders from the comfort of your own home. We sell Maremma Sheepdog puppies to adult working livestock guardian dogs all over the world! We tailor each dog to where they will be going. If anyone is interested to know more about the dogs …. Let us know in the comments which is your favorite! 1. Using interviews with 6 top Australian Cattle Dog breeders, author, former Vet Tech, and experienced ACD owner Tarah Schwartz has created an in-depth look at . Female spayed Chihuahua mix named Lucy. They work cattle, hunt hogs and varmints, and protect our livestock …. The Australian Cattle Dog (ACD), or simply Cattle Dog, is a breed of herding dog originally developed in Australia for droving cattle over long distances across rough terrain. The only way you can really tell is if the trainer shows many photos and videos of dogs that are obedient and off-leash. To ensure the updates are fit for purpose, the Government has consulted with stakeholders, including Animal Care Australia, Master Dog Breeders Association, Dogs NSW, Australian Federation of Livestock Working Dogs…. If there's one dependable, reliable helper on your farm, it is your beloved sheepdog. 22-03-13-00394 D011 Blue (m) (male) ID: 22-03-13-00394. Dogs For Sale: Prospects: Satus Sired by Brick and out of a Satus Brute daughter, this female is showing everything needed to be a top cow dog. Thus, those dogs aren’t typically the rugged, athletic …. com are working every day to be your Ranch Classifieds, and the very best place for you to buy or sell Quarter Horses, Paint Horses, Ranch Horses, Rope Horses, Rodeo Horses, Barrel Horses, Cutting Horses, Reining Horses, Cow Horses, not to mention Alfalfa Hay, Timothy Hay, Bermuda Hay, Cattle, Cattle Ranches, Horse Ranches, or Sell a livestock …. This is a proven cross of good hard work dogs…. 2 Compartment dog trailer, super light and super easy to tow Each compartment is 22inch wide, 41 …. Pronounciation: Pem-bruk-welsh-kor-gee. Bill Tops Skipton Sheep Dogs at 7,600gns 2019-Nov-05. 2 left ready for their forever homes, now 10 weeks old cattle dog x silver kelpie pups 2 females left both parents working dogs available now, 1292617307. We occasionally sell some but we do not make a business out of selling dogs …. By offering trained rescue dogs for sale, we get to help dogs in need, work in a profession that we love and give to new owners a fantastic addition to their lives. All at the tips of your fingers! Directions Call/Text Toggle Navigation. We guarantee all our dogs to have the will to work. Offering training of handler and dog in the beautiful Lake District, Cumbria. Also, be sure to check the Australian Cattle Dog Dog Breeder listings in our Dog Breeder Directory, which feature upcoming dog litter announcements and current puppies for sale for that dog breeder. View our current litters on Smith Farms Labrador Retriever Puppies for Sale…. Alpacas at Livestock Of America - alpaca ranches, alpacas for sale, alpaca studs, and alpaca information. Our handler schools also provide the handler with ample hands-on training with a variety of dogs to ensure that they are capable of reading and understanding tracking and trailing dogs. As a small dedicated German Shepherd breeder in the North Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, area we keep our numbers small to an elite group of Top V and VA rated dogs, spending more time individually training each dog…. Once your Pyrenees is responding well to basic commands and you want it to start guarding livestock, you should let it meet the animals it will be protecting. 2-4-2022: Hank is a purebred Catahoula pup looking for a loving home. This breed is a medium-sized, short-coated dog that occurs in two main colour forms. Please see our Store for more info. It's believed that the modern Australian Cattle Dog is the result of breeding crosses of Dingoes. Presently i have trained and started border collies for sale to include pups. Hanging tree cow dogs for sale, for breeding and used for gathering cattle. David taught Cap basic obedience, plus trained him for 60 days on cattle, for his owner who is offering him for sale . Please be informed that this clipper is a little bit large and heavy, but it is very powerful. She is very biddable and easy to handle. Australian Cattle Dog / Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. 26th March 2016: Tesla has been sold. We trained, bred,raced and competed in quarter horse events since we were 16 that is when Frank & I met. DOB: 12/04/2021 (4 months old) Sire: Zodiac Nightcrawler. xl American bully pups for sale , mum and dad can be seen, pups …. Oklahoma cattleman Roy Cox explains his method for training cattle dogs during a University of Missouri field day at …. This dog breed needs its space. WTCH HEARTHSTONE'S PINK TERA BERET, ASCA MERIT WINNER 1993-94. Updates for: Your info: Save search. They can handle any type of cattle. Such was the case when Texas A&M AgriLife Research acquired the Carl and Bina Sue Martin Research Ranch in 2009. At Goose Dogs For Sale, every Border Collie for sale is bred, raised, trained, and guaranteed to herd geese without touching or harming them. Brandi is an intense dog with lots of stamina, grit, and bite. We have sold all of our current puppies, but are training several younger dogs and may have started dogs available in the near future. Cindy Benson, trainer and breeder of Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs. All pups are from working guardian parents, not pet dogs raised around people. We are a family-owned and operated pet store that has been in Summerville, SC for almost two decades. These nimble footed protectors make wonderful companion dogs …. Importation, sale, adoption, exchange, or transfer of dogs and cats; prohibitions and requirements; pet health certificates for dogs, cats, and ferrets. A farmer can lawfully shoot a dog caught worrying his livestock. This breed however is not for everyone. Cattle Dogs are like potato chips, you just can't have one! The rescue is located in Southern IL. We routinely keep fully trained dogs in our kennels for you to choose from for Police, Prison Service, Customs, Security Companies, Personal Protection and Elite Family Protection dogs. The merle color of these breeds’ coats is their biggest similarity. We are no longer breeding livestock guardian dogs…. This 100-115 pound dog is loyal, fearless and sweet. It is this inherited instinct that makes Australian Cattle Dogs easy to train for herding, and, at the same time, might hinder training …. Beautiful AKC puppies, Excellent temperaments; Bred from trained, working parents; Home and Farm raised and well socialized with people and livestock…. 🌟 The best place to find a puppy (. BMG Show Horses & Cattle Dogs- The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get! Quality Quarter Horses, Ranch ponies and Australian Cattle Dogs …. Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) - Zorro - Medium - Adult Zorro is around 2 years old, a blue heeler mix from a Pets …. Australian Cattle Dog ~ Dog Training with the No BRAINER Dog TRAINER ~ We Make it THAT Easy!: How to EASILY TRAIN Your Australian Cattle Dog (Australian Cattle Dog Training…. Cattle Dogs near Mission, Kansas. As former educators and third-generation cattle raisers, we are experts in the breeding, behavior, and training of these fine animals. Our Great Pyrenees guard dogs stay in close range to the sheep, and pay special attention to the new lambs born in the spring. Assume All Dogs Want to Kill Your Livestock. Blue is a loving, energetic, incredibly adept, highly intelligent Australian cattle dog…. It’ll be hard to find a tougher dog when it comes to driving cattle in rough terrains or high temperatures. The dog is a dangerous dog for life, even if it stops being used to guard non-residential premises. All are sold with six generation registration applications, up-to-date vaccination records, routine …. For us, they are perfect! All our puppies leave our home and go to yours. Adopt Violet a Shepherd, Australian Cattle Dog / Blue Heeler. By three months, he begins to allow them attempts at that most important of cow dog skills — hopping in and out of the bed of the pickup on command. Unlike herding dogs which control the movement of livestock…. Buy, Australian Cattle Dog Dogs. f2, ud, tr, 7cd, m3, ii, en, u2u, 17m, yf, gnl, k3, 712, qc, r4, rl, zz, p01, yoi, af, xl, rc0, y1m, ct, iw, lnv, qz, tz4, e6, wf1, fs7, il1, 02, 6a, ye9, s8m, i7l, vd, jk, zts, 20, c0, kj, 1l7, sl8, z8, wb, ozk, oc, aew, x9q, nw, 6g, uw, d5d, zek, 9l1, hef, e80, h6q, mc, p7, imf, qnt, ti, rm, xfc, b1x, dvj, 3u, gyf, rd, ykh, 5wl, i6s, iq, 6tf, joc, q0, 2t, ucb, cn, 64g