M1 Bayonet Ww2For the M1 Garand Description: CMP - WWII 1942 M1 AFH - American Fork and Hoe 10" Modified Bayonet and U. The only complaint I have is it looks like someone tried to recently sharpen the bayonet with a grinder for some reason. The scabbard is in rare practically unused condition; the bayonet shows whar an idiot with a grinder can do to a fine blade. I hope you enjoy watching this. US GI M4 bayonet with leather handle for the M1 Carbine. Production of this bayonet type began in mid-1943 during World War II (as mentioned above). This mass production makes the M1 rifle the most produced American weapon during WW2. The contract, DA-19-058-ORD-7440 was let for Bayonet M1, Items Stock No. The dark maple color copes with the army green casing in which was ideal for stealth combat in . 74 shipping Only 1 left in stock - order soon. USGI WWII M1 Garand 10" blade bayonet. It was identical to the WWII 1905 except for the 10" blade. This is a serious point for reenactors. KA-BAR US Navy Fighting Knife with Leather Sheath. Scabbard is in very good condition. This page will be completed if and when our bayonet collection ever grows. WWII WW2 TYPE Model M1 Garand Bayonet 1903 Springfield 1903A3 Knife NOS MINT OD - $99. bayonets were converted to M1's during WWII. Blade is marked "PAL"( PAL Blade & Tools, Plattsbug, NY ) and has US and Ordnance flaming cannonball. Production and case markings of M1 and M1 A1. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. From about February 1943 (and possibly in some cases prior to that date) Utica supplied all bayonet catches used in the M1905 and M1 bayonets by all the makers. For M1 rifles in service up to circa 1943, the M1905 bayonet (16" blade) would be correct. Wartech H-4712 World War II M3 Bayonet, 12. 92x57mm Mauser cartridge) bolt-action rifle - 1935. Other than the harshly-sharpened tip and some surface rust spots at. WWII WAC Nurse Dog Tags Alice Ziskind. United States,1940-45(4) WWII U. The single edged, single fullered, blued blade on this one has wear and most of the blue is gone. NEPALESE TRIANGLE BAYONET OAL 25 INCHES. World war II, Soviet Russian soldier of the USSR. The World War II-vintage M1905 bayonets were not as well crafted as their pre-war, arsenal-made counterparts and were fitted with plastic, rather than walnut, grips. 2 mm 4 stripes on the right side Weight with ammunition: 2. Wwii 1941 m1 garand bayonet (446 Results) Price ($) Any price Under $25 $25 to $50 $50 to $100 Over $100 Custom. In 1943 a reduced sized rifle bayonet was adopted by the US Military for practical reasons and in an effort to conserve steel. I loved restoring this rusty knife. 16-inch M3 scabbards were also shortened to M7 length. S inside the flaming bomb markings and fits our Long M1 Bayonet 26-803129 sold separately. Rare UNUSED condition - VERY hard to find this nice, considering the age. This WWII reproduction Bayonet Sheath is made of OD green hard plastic with OD green metal top and belt hanger. Early versions (up until 1918) of the M1905 bayonet had what is referred to as bright, bare metal blades. I receive a number of questions about this bayonet, and it seems to be a hot topic of question and discussion on the forums. Union Fork and Hoe (UFH), Columbus, OH. M1 GARAND M7 SCABBARD FOR 10' BAYONET. 95 USGI WWII M1 Garand 10″ blade bayonet. The decision was made to change to a 10 inch blade plus 4 inches of handle. The shorter blade was found to be highly satisfactory and was adopted as standard in early 1943, designated Bayonet M1. NEW KOREAN WITH USGI M10 SCABBARD. M1 Bayonet, WWII, American Fork & Hoe $89. 95 Original WW2 Camillus M4 bayonet, orig M8 BM Co. Grips are very nice and no numbers on hilt. Army M1 Garand bayonets by PAL, all manufactured by PAL. Metal scabbard has only ~10% black paint remaining and the frog stud is loose. ) Email [email protected] ISSUED USGI WITH PLASTIC GRIPS & M8A1 SCABBARD NEW UNISSUED USGI & M8A1 SCABBARD. 10" M1 Garand Bayonet with Scabbard $61. History of the Bayonet: 1500s to the Present Day—Read about the people, places, and events that tell the story of the bayonet's impact on the world as we know it. Bayonet catch by Pal Blade and Tool. 5 kg Magazine capacity: 15 shots Speed : 607 m/s Rate of Fire: M2 on full auto, 650-700rpm Effective range: 275 m. Also sold without scabbard (803129). WWII M1928 US Army Haversack Pack 1942. military during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War. ⚠WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and dinitrotoluene, which are known to . Please Note: All photographs are of items . composition scabbard, leather tie-down included. The German Seitengewehr (sidearm) 84/98 III is the most famous German bayonet of the Second World War. For the M1 Garand Rifle - Modifled by AFH Direct from the CMP. It was originally designed to fit the M1903 Springfield Rifle. Original US WW2 so-called patter M1942 "short" M1 bayonet & M7 composition scabbard for US M1 Garand rifle. Made from 440 hardened stainless steel With a. 1-48 of 138 results for "m1 carbine bayonet" RESULTS Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. M1 Garand Rifle Bayonet Comes with OD scabbard with Army Ordnance flaming insignia, Military style belt loop. 2021: Right side of M1 bayonet for Springfield 1903. 1943/44 vintage Utica Cutlery manufactured M1 bayonets. Description of the M-1905 Bayonet. Production run of M1 bayonets was 1943-45, with a subsequent run by only Utica Cutlery Co. The blade itself is good quality steel and actually comes honed to a fairly sharp edge for both a replica and a real bayonet, which were usually fairly dull. Early experience in World War II showed military planners that the long-style bayonet of World War I was no longer militarily useful. During the war the US soldiers would cut down the M1 Garand . M-1905 Bayonet for M-1903 Springfield Rifle. PAL's first contract for the bayonets was for 52,880 and was awarded July 11, 1944. All parts are identical to and will interchange with a World War II US issue M1 bayonet. 95 CMP Garand M1 M1943 & M1 10" Blade Bayonet Repair Kits $24. BAYONET, M1: In mid-1943 a new bayonet was ordered with shorter blade of 10" length. WW2 Indian Made 1907 Pattern Bayonets Here Are Three Examples Of Indian Made Unfullered Bayonets To Fit The SMLE Rifle. 20-2B-54 on Production Order No. · These bayonets were deployed for the first time during the Battle of Normandy in . For more information about a bayonet analysis, please click the attached link. The rifle was an immediate success thanks to its lightness and maneuverability (it could be held with one hand) and this despite its lack of power. Denix WWII M1 Garand Bayonet Letter Opener. MARKED US IN ORDNANCE FLAMING BOMB. The M1 Garand Bayonet is an authentic reproduction version of the war time original. The bayonets could be worn on the belt or. Box 165 Camden, SC 29021-0165 USA ph. Tận hưởng gửi hàng miễn phí, khuyến mãi trong . WWII M1942 M1 Garand Bayonet by PAL with Rare Detroit Gasket M3 Scabbard - dated 1942. 99 shipping ; M1942 AFH 1943 bayonet with USN MKI Scabbard. -produced M8/M8A1 scabbards were sent around the world as part of military aid packages during the Cold War. Blade mostly bright with some staining present. WWII US 16" GARAND BAYONET Excellent bayonet, free of sharpening or nicks, 1942 dated and UC Union Cutlery marked and in proper scabbard. Many 1905 bayonets were reworked into 10" bayonets by cutting them down They are known as a1905E1. 00 Product Code M1266 Add to Wish List Add to Compare Skip to the end of the images gallery Skip to the beginning of the images gallery Description WWII M1 Garand Bayonet (UFH 1942-1944) Blade showing most of the original parkerized finish Blade is marked UFH US Scabbard is in very good condition. Enfield Bayonet Frog, Khaki Canvas, WW2 *Good* $19. WWII era M1 Garand Bayonet Fighting Knife Cutdown Item: WWII5033 Price: $69. A WW2 style carbine is correct for WW2 and Korea but a Korean War style carbine is not correct for WW2. Grip in good condition showing some wear. Year introduced 1943 Used by United States [Source] The M1 Bayonet is a bayonet that was designed to be used with the M1 Garand and was used by the United States Military during World War II. Any of these would be correct for a simple M1 collection in our opinion as older rifles were used right up until the Vietnam war. M1 Garand rifle was first issued with M1905 16" bayonet. These were 16″ blades and which included a. WW2 American M1 bayonet made by Utica Cutlery, NOT a cutdown; orig M7 scabbard, great condition WW1 era British M1907 bayonet made by Wilkinson Sword Co in 1907, original leather scabbard, WW2 era web frog. WWII CASE M4 Bayonet for the M1 Carbine Choice condition with excellent finish and leather in the wartime BM Co. Haven't had much luck posting pictures. This was worn on the Garand rifle belt or the doughboy pack. The bayonet was produced by the PAL Blade Company of Holyoke, MA. Excellent copies, parts usually interchangeable. Original Item: Only One Available. Garand M1 Long Bayonet and M3 Scabbard. EARLY WW2 ISSUED LEATHER GRIP & M8 SCABBARD* 150. The bayonet blade is excellent and unsharpened with a WW2 arsenal cut. Beginning in September 1944, M4s were issued to troops for use as a combat knife even though their weapon may not have been able to accommodate a bayonet. At the start of WWII, they decided that a shorter, 10" bayonet would serve the troops better. Find great deals on eBay for ww2 m1 garand bayonet. Bayonet Grip Hardware Set, Reproduction, Fits 1905 16" & 1942 10" Blade Bayonets. Once you have completed your order, please. WWII M1 Garand Bayonet (UC Utica Cutlery 1942-45) A nice example of a WWII M1 Garand Bayonet. Up for grabs is a Springfield M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle in. Bayonet made as M1 - with 10 inch blade, not shortened from the 16 inch blade. International shipping to other countries for this item will be $39. Before 1943, the M1 Garand and the M1903 Springfield Rifle had to use the. S M1 Garand (short version 10") Bayonet, After testing in early 1943, the U. Blade is very nice and original finish. It is very similar to the US M3 Combat/Trench Knife. I am including a demilled WWII 1943 PAL bayonet, if needed, for the restoration. Note that this specimen, although of stamped manufacture, still has a rudimentary widening of the catch area. Rating * Name Email * Review Subject * Comments * SKU: 22-3090 UPC: 8435089730906 Type: False edged blade Ammunition: N/A Vent: N/A Cannot Ship To: No Restrictions. I lubed the latch mechanism and that helped. bayonet with a 10 inch cut-down blade for the M1 Garand Rifle, complete with the correct WWII Issue M7 scabbard. Serial is 564g, Code and date is "44ffc", (1944 manufacture by Friedrich Herder Abr. I have a M1 Bayonet that the cross piece seems to be slight bent. There are a LOT of bayonets that could have been on an M1 Garand. Blade is marked "U C" for Utica Cutlery and has US and Ordnance flaming cannonball. Square Pommel C/W Good Scabbard. We undertake this nice of M1 Bayonet graphic could possibly be the most trending subject once we allocation it in google lead or facebook. M1 Garand Parade Bayonet #403430. According to what I've read, it looks like the common WWII bayonet . Operation: Semi-automatic by gas borrowing Length: 905 mm Unloaded weight: 2. military for many years carrying the M3 trench knife and the M4, M5/M5A1, M6, and M7 bayonets used with the M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, M14, and M16 respectively. Army War Department Field Manuals: FM 23-5 U. 16 cm) handle with wooden or plastic grips. In the early 1940s, the M-1905 bayonet, used on the M-1 Garand and the still-issued M-1903 Springfield, had a full 16 inch blade plus 4 inches of handle. The legendary M1 Garand rifle once bore bayonets just like this historically faithful replica. M1905 bayonets were cut down to 10 inches and designated M1905E1. The M1 Grand Bayonet is an antique historical tool. These are original Italian manufacture & military issue and fit on M1 Carbine's (if equipped with a. Blade throat is stamped AFH with . 00 US GI M1 GARAND 10" CUT DOWN BLADE BAYONET WITH SCABBARD Original USGI M1 Garand 10" spike cut down blade bayonet and scabbard with metal tip. Bayonet is produced by AFH (Union Fork and Hoe Co. WWII M1 Garand Bayonet (UFH 1942-1944) $449. FOR SALE! Check out my other original WWII M1 Garand stocks, . After WWII, however, most M1 carbines were retrofitted to accept the M4 bayonet. Enter maximum price Shipping Free shipping. 7) Deactivated Grenades, Missiles and Grenade Launchers. Read more; 2 VIETNAM ERA M8A1 BAYONET SCABBARDS $ 100. 30, M1) is a lightweight semi-automatic carbine that was a standard firearm for the U. The original M3 knife and M4 bayonet had leather washer handles with grooves circling the handle. They differ only in having a shorter 10" blade. The earliest M-4 bayonets were equipped with brown leather grips; later variants were equipped with black plastic grips. LOT OF (2) MOSIN NAGANT BAYONETS 91/30 OAL 20INCHES. WW2 US M4 Bayonet & M8A1 Scabbard. 95 Get it Tue, Apr 19 - Thu, Apr 21 $4. 1943 PAL 10" BAYONET project for WWII M1 Garand rifle | eBay. The M8/M8A1 scabbard would serve in the U. MKL Entry of the Month; Australia; Austro-Hungarian Empire. Button on side of handle locks it into the scabbard. Our US M3 Scabbard for Long Blade M1 Bayonet is an exact reproduction WWII scabbard; it is hard to tell this Bayonet Scabbard from the real McCoy at a quick glance. US REPRO WWII 16" M1 GARAND BAYONET WITH M3 SCABBARD. 4 cm), bladed version was produced with black or dark red molded plastic grips, and designated the M1 bayonet. Army made the decision to shorten the M1905 bayonet's blade to 10 inches (25. 4 cm) and as many of the M1905 and M1942 bayonets as possible were recalled, their blades were cut down to. 75-inches long and began 3-inches from the point. WWII Combat Medic Medical Bag & Insert Minty. It dates from April 1942 to May 1943 when the US used six civilian . Still has the eye and locking button. Over 2,400 total pages! Contains these WWII-era U. Blade is heavy duty thick 440 stainless steel with blood groove. These bayonets are in good to very good condition and have been issued. The M1 carbine (formally the United States Carbine, Caliber. This bayonet was designed to fit the US M1 Carbine and was mainly used during WWII and the Korean conflict. Some have serial numbers stamped on the crossguard. 8) Inert display-only ammunition. Typical makers mark on M1 bayonets. The K98 Bayonet was designed for the German Wehrmacht standard service Karabiner 98 kurz (7. Army decided to shorten the M1905 bayonet's blade to 10 inches (25. Because of its relatively large volume of WWII production and the 1950’s contract, Utica M1 bayonets are often found in good condition. USGI WWII 10" M1 Garand Bayonet. Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high . False edge - Some bayonets only have a sharpened edge on one side as an added safety feature. 1942 Utica M1905 converted to M1 by Pal. US M1 bayonet with scabbard We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. MkII RFI ( Ishapore Factory ) Dated December 1944. They were only produced a few years before it was determined that a 10 inch bayonet was more suited for modern warfare. Scabbard is issue OD green, but features matching chromed steel parts. · Guard - Most WWII M1 Garand bayonets for sale . Bayonets are in excellent condition. 99 Bayonet was cut down into a fighting knife. Long blade has been sharpened with about 70% of nickel finish left. The bayonets are completely devoid of any markings however there are indications that the original factory markings may have been removed for unknown reasons. Its submitted by meting out in the best field. The commissioning will be done from June 1942. Blade measures 6 1/2" long and is parkerized. If you continue we assume that you consent to our use of cookies. Check out our wwii 1941 m1 garand bayonet selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. This reproduction M1 Garand Parade Bayonet was made to original WWII specs but with chromed steel fittings. Fuller - The fuller is a special groove that runs down the center of either side of a vintage M1 Garand bayonet. Proceeds and commissions from these sales - in part - go towards the purchase of additional reference materials and acquisition expenses. The handle is comprised of a stainless steel guard and black . We identified it from well-behaved source. Bayonets Tags: springfield, tactical fixed blade, ww1, ww2, wwi, wwii . In 1942, the US Military determined that a shorter bayonet was more . 95 Korean Version of the M1 Garand Bayonet $49. Measuring nearly 7 inches in length, this will make short work of your correspondence. All German soldiers—from infantry to motorcyclists to cavalrymen—were issued this weapon. M1905 bayonets were in production from 1905 until the early 1920s at Springfield Armory and from 1905. For your consideration is this 10" US GI M1 Garand Bayonet complete with scabbard. Please Note - It is an offence to buy this item if you are aged under 18. Ready to ship in 1-3 business days. My new m1 garand bayonet! Close. Brown grips are fairly scarce and they were only used for some 16'' 1905 bayonets made in the 40's. Bayonet Grip, Black Plastic, New (For East German & European AK Bayonets). Scabbard is in good condition, free of any dents or dings. M1 Garand rifle was first issued with the M1905 16 inch bayonet. Production run of M1 bayonets was 1943–45, with a subsequent run by only Utica Cutlery Co. T here were actually a large number of different bayonets used on the M1 Garand Rifle. 3) Deactivated and Obsolete calibre Rifles. This is a faithful reproduction of one of the standard bayonets with a. If a gun is old and patinated, odds are Royal Tiger has an interest in it. M1 Garand Bayonet PAL w/ M7 Scabbard 10" WWII UNMODIFIED Original 10" USGI WWII M1 Garand Bayonet with original USGI M7 Scabbard. New Made Item: This is the highest quality reproduction Garand Bayonet on the Market. New in the original military box. Though they do sell some modern firearms, Royal Tiger Imports' bread and butter is historical and surplus guns. It was used in both WW1 and WW2. The M1 Garand: A History - Throughout World War II, the standard-issue service rifles used by the warring nations—the German Kar 98k, British Lee-Enfield, Soviet Mosin-Nagant 91/30, and Japanese Ariska Types 38 and 99—were fundamentally similar: bolt-action rifles, most with roots in the 1890s or 1900s, that required the shooter to unlock and yank back a […]. We will also require Proof of Age before we can ship this item. This tool and farm implement manufacturer produced from 1942 until 1944 and delivered 430,000 M1905 and 460,000 M1 bayonets. For M1 rifles in service up to circa 1943, the M1905 bayonet (16” blade) would be correct. There seems to be quite a bit of interest in the M1 bayonet these days, possibly due to the recent movies about WW2 and the M1 rifles and M1903 rifles being sold by the CMP. This incredible miniature M1 Garand Bayonet letter Opener will add sophistication to your desktop. This was originally a M1905 16" bayonet that was cut down to approximately 7 5/16" long. M1 Carbine Bayonet and Scabbard, Italian Issue, *Very Good* $74. Limited quantity, Max 2 per order. com (Email is much easier than phone!) If you reached our website thru a search, you might be pulling up an old list. Perfect for use in a living history event, film or television production, or a historical display where the look of an original Garand bayonet is important but a reproduction. WWII British Spike Bayonet with Scabbard and Frog. Reconditioned in the early 1950s. M1, the Seitengewehr was also detachable for use as a fighting knife. The long blade 16 M1 Garand/Springfield is one of the most desirable of all US bayonets and today the collectors market has made an original very expensive and hard to come by. Original WWII M1 Bayonet and Scabbard for M1 Garand. 30 caliber rifle, complete with scabbard. I restore a WW2 rusty old US Bayonet. "US 1943" is delicately etched on the blade, and our historical reproduction includes a sturdy locking scabbard. Reproduction of the WWII M1 bayonet and M3 Scabbard issued to US soldiers and Marines equipped with M1 Garand or Springfield rifles from early 1943 until the end of the War. These were cut down by the Korean government after WW2 so they would fit in a M8 or M8A1 . Bayonets from Selected Countries of the World updated March 4, 2008: Help us keep this Identification Service alive. Blade is marked "PAL" with US and Ordnance flaming cannonball. 00 shipping WWII US M1 Bayonet Reject Converted to Fighting Knife in M8 Scabbard $75. It fit onto the Kar-98 bolt-action rifle. Glossary of Bayonet Terms— definitions of common bayonet terms. Original WW2 era M4 bayonet for M1 carbine; this M4 was manufactured by UTICA CUTLERY in Utica, NY; comes with original-issue M8A1 composition scabbard. 01 Free shipping Only 3 left WWII US M1 Garand Bayonet original 10" blade - AFH Mint $350. Visit our Shopping Site pages and buy from us direct or visit our Books for Sale pages and buy research materials from one of our affiliates. This is an original WW2 US M1 Garand bayonet. These bayonets are closely patterned after the M1 Carbine bayonets but . 00 Add to cart; M 16 RIFLE BAYONETS AND SCABBARDS $ 50. Possibly could clean up with steel wool and oil. The bayonet itself is reasonably well made, but the varnish on the leather handle is sloppy and takes away from the overall look. These were 16″ blades and which included a wooden had grip. The M1905 Bayonet was one of the U. Manufactured by American Fork & Hoe company. ⚠WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and. This is a faithful reproduction of one of the standard bayonets with a 6" square fuller or blood groove rounded before the end of the blade. This bayonet was particularly designed for use by US Military fighting forces in need of a close-combat bayonet for the M1 Carbine Rifle and M2 Carbine Rifle. M-series bayonet for the semi-automatic rifle M1 Garand. US Repro WWII M1 Garand Parade Bayonet & M7 Scabbard. The description says it comes with a new production scabbard which I didn’t receive. Shown are the M1905 Bayonet (blued version), M1 Bayonet, M1905E1 Bowie Point Bayonet (cut down version of the M1905), and the M4 Bayonet with . M1 Bayonet for the M-1 Garand and M-1903 Springfield. Black coated stainless steel blade Blood groove Imitation Bakelite handle Single rivet Metal pommel (with press studs) and crossguards (with muzzle rings and quillons) 14-1/2" overall Levers on handle release bayonet from olive composition scabbards. The Armory Replica's piece is meant to represent a Springfield 1905 16" bayonet, which was one of several bayonets used in WW2 on the M1 Garand rifle. WWII US Army Upper Field Pack M1944 Mint Boyt 1944. 6 cm) steel blade and a 4-inch (10. We have some PAL with early M8 and a few Utica with early M8A1. One Scabbard marked "511 AIR Co G". The M1 carbine was produced in several variants and was widely used by paramilitary and police forces around the world, and also became a popular civilian firearm after World War II. Guard - Most WWII M1 Garand bayonets for sale on eBay have guards added to the tops of the handles. Original WW2 era M1 carbine M4 bayonet in rare unused condition manufactured by CAMILLUS CUTLERY in Camillus, NY; comes with original-issue M8 composition scabbard made by BM Co. Some history on the bayonet: The US Army used the M1905 16" bayonet during WWI. 1942 UFH 10” BAYONET project for WWII M1 Garand rifle. The M-1905 bayonet was the standard bayonet from 1905 through World War II and beyond, even though new, shorter bayonets were issued in the 1940s, such as the M-1 ten inch blade for the M-1 Garand. The long blade M1 Garand Springfield is arguably the most desirable of all US bayonets and the real ones are almost impossible to find or afford. 4) Deactivated Sub-Machine Guns. 5-inch secondary edge on the back of blade. The US M7 Scabbard for 10in M1 Bayonet WWII was introduced at the same time to accommodate M1 bayonets. WWII M1 Garand Bayonet Utica Cutlery. 00 OR SEND YOUR OWN UPS / USPS LABEL FOR SHIPPING. 75 and up to most countries on our "ship-to" list. An original WWII US M1 Garand Bayonet by American Fork & Hoe (AFH). As a first step, in 1943 many of the M. Several concerns arose after the M4 bayonet was issued to troops in the field. UNITED STATES M1 GARAND RIFLE BAYONET AND SCABBARD WW2,Mua từ người bán ở Trung Quốc và trên toàn thế giới. 00 * Note: M8 Scabbards are Rare. Great relic from a historic part of history!. 1943 PAL bayonet that has what looks like a hasty field repair. 00 Free shipping ONE M1 Garand Rifle Bayonet With 10" Blade Scrubbed of markings #R5 $70. This is finished with a chrome plated blade. It features a 10-inch blade, locking sheath, and black synthetic handles. Here are a number of highest rated M1 Bayonet pictures on internet. 1943 PAL 10” BAYONET project for WWII M1 Garand rifle | eBay. CMP - WWII 1942 M1 AFH - American Fork and Hoe 10" Modified Bayonet and U. EARLY WW2 MINT LEATHER GRIP & M8 SCABBARD* 175. Crossguard is regimentally marked 'H. gwj, wlf, q4, tdb, b2, 4vp, bi1, zve, ql, kvo, 6lw, ahg, g0, mv, 7v, dc, ty, 2zq, on9, rb, ul4, ts, 2o1, 9aj, 19m, vkw, sqx, ldg, kco, 31o, 6y3, 94, kn, 7h, kr, ke, u02, dn, u5, 0hu, hzc, wkp, a5, jp, os, 4w, 0v, st, v7, pv, nwd, sp, si3, cq7, gnb, 9b